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To keep your company running, it helps to have someone on your side who can always handle unexpected commercial lockouts. Locating a local locksmith to help with your company's entry doors can become a struggle.

Some commercial locksmith companies only replace door locks but can't offer much else. What can you do when electronic door locks are preventing you from getting inside?

When you call Just in Time Lock and Key for your security door locks, we promise the best service possible on each call. No matter where your company operates in the greater Beaumont, Huntsville, Port Neches, Conroe & Port Arthur, TX areas, we are here for you.

Call us any time, morning or night, and save on your lock rekeying services. No one else gets you inside faster than us.

Commercial Services

✓ Commercial Lockouts
✓ Commercial Locks
✓ Door Closers
✓ Panic Bars
✓ Key Duplication
✓ Lock Rekeying

Lockout Services Near me

Did you or an employee accidentally leave the keys at home? Or did the door get locked from the inside and now you can't get indoors?

From traditional lock and key entrance doors to newer electronic keyless systems, we can ensure that you can open for business sooner than with anyone else. We promise the fastest ways to get back inside than any other company.

Whether you need us to rekey an entry door or merely get it opened, we have a practical solution for more situations. No other locksmith company offers the versatility that we achieve.

Call now for your commercial lockout service needs. We promise only the best results faster each time.

Mobile Locksmith Near Me

With more than 20 years of locksmithing under our belt, we provide the best in complete locksmith solutions for any door. No matter your situation, we can help you 24-hours each day.

Call now, and we can provide the services you need for any lock type. Hire us for the best in local:

  • Commercial Lockout Service
  • Rekey Locks for Commercial Doors
  • Door Closers Service
  • Panic Bars Solutions
  • Key Duplication
  • Electronic Key Programmer
  • Key Cutting
  • And more professional locksmith options.

Whatever doors you need to gain access to, we provide more options than anyone else around. Call today for the best in comprehensive locksmith options.

East Houston Door Closers

Door closers are simple tools that keep a building more protected. Whether you're concerned about strong winds and weather or need to keep doors shut, they offer daily protection that lasts.

Unfortunately, over time they can get stuck in the locked position, rendering a door useless. Not only is it frustrating, but it also creates a serious hazard to anyone inside.

In some cases, the solution is as quick as adding more grease the metal sections. Other times, however, it takes a bit more work to force open.

Whatever the right answer may be, we offer the best in local door closer service. Don't let stubborn door accessories keep you out of your company.

Panic Bar Locksmith Around Me

Panic bars are vital to keeping your staff and customers safe from unexpected circumstances. However, they also incorporate security alarms, making them temperamental.

Whether your company has panic bars that aren't operating correctly, or you have one frozen in place, you need to know that you have a locksmith on your side. We can service any panic bar, no matter its current status.

When you're worried whether or not your doors will open as you expect them to, our team will offer the peace of mind that you need. Whatever type of maintenance or service it needs, we can provide it soon.

Call today when you run into problems with your panic bar systems. We guarantee the best results at lower pricing every day.

Keyless Entry System Reprogramming

Today's locksmiths need to adapt to modern electronic entry systems. When your door locks fail, it can feel impossible to find the professional service with the necessary experience to reprogram keyless doors.

From fob and security badges to pin codes and Bluetooth locks, we can reprogram them all today. No matter how complicated or the system in place, we know how to help you.

Don't waste your time with locksmiths who haven't learned how to access electronic security doors. Instead, let the experienced team of professional lock service providers assist you.

Find a Locksmith Near Me

Whenever your door locks are preventing you from running your business, you need the top mix of value, convenience, and experience to provide the best results possible. Call Just In Time Lock and Key for all your locksmith service needs with the best in 24-hour locksmith services every day.